Release History

0.1.8 In CVSCurrent Development
0.1.7 2005-04-14Introduction of Swing support. (many bug fixes)
0.1.6 2004-09-29Development for portlet support.
0.1.5 2004-08-11A lot of new feature and a few bug fixes.
0.1.4 2004-07-19Moving more configuration into the spring config file.
0.1.3 2004-06-25Bug fix release.
0.1.2 2004-06-17Effort to get the adapters to a production ready state.
0.1.1 2004-05-14The introduction of the Spring Framework.
0.1.0 2003-10-20Initial release.

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Release 0.1.8 - In CVS

remove ValueListHandler#getPostProcessedWrappedList mlavwilson
remove ValueListHandler#getPostProcessedValueList mlavwilson
add Added SqlPagingSupport to the AbstractJdbcAdapter. This allows for paging to be done inside the database instead with a jdbc scrollable... mlavwilson
remove Removed redundant pagingEnabled property from pagingInfo. mlavwilson
add Add SpringDaoValueListAdapter which extends AbstractJdbcAdapter. mlavwilson
add Add refresh table command in swing enviroment + add support for resource bundle in swing enviroment. azachar
fix Fixed bug: During paging, vlh forgot sorting direction and column. azachar
add Add support for ccs style formating of paging tag,add support for specifying items per page. azachar
add Added support for Hibernate3. smarek
update ScrollableResultsDecorator, ResultSetDecorator - classes reimplemented to provide frugal access to a result set and to ensure that validation is invoked exactly once per record. smarek
fix AbstractJdbcAdapter, ScrollableResultsDecorator, ResultSetDecorator - nonscrollable result set bug fixed. smarek
update AbstractJdbcAdapter - showSql defaults to false. smarek
fix AbstractJdbcAdapter - paging logic fixed. smarek
add AbstractJdbcAdapter - Spring transact ional support is provided by connection management using interface ConnectionCreator smarek
fix ValueListInfo, AbstractJdbcAdapter, DefaultValueListHandlerImpl - page number corrected to not exceed total number of pages. smarek
fix ValueListInfo - ClassCastException fixed. smarek
update ObjectSetter is used as default instaed of StringSetter in StandardStatementBuilder to let JDBC perform type conversion rather than hardcasting to String. smarek
fix Updated setters - null values handling and exception handling improved. smarek
update Tag library - support for nested value lists. smarek
update Tag library - tooltip support for columns (attributes toolTip and toolTipKey). smarek
update Tag library - number of items per page updated. smarek
update Tag library - CSS updated. smarek
fix Tag library - properly state reset at the end of tag all methods release() reimplemented. smarek
fix Tag library - bugs on WebLogic fixed. smarek
update Tag library API changes - classes refactored to provide behaviour customization in subclasses. smarek
update Tag library API changes - getters for private fields, protected fields changed to public properties. smarek
update Tag library API changes - parts of the code extracted into separate methods - CSS styles updated. smarek
update Updated ConfigurableStatementBuilder - exception handling improved. smarek

Release 0.1.7 - 2005-04-14

remove Removed automatic action temp param prefix insertation before every action param. azachar
update Updated loggers in Setters for Hibernate20Adapters. Style class is now append also to the row. azachar
fix When is empty valuelist, also table is empty (if enabled, render only header). azachar
update Updated loggers in Setters for Hibernate20Adapters. Style class is now append with the whitespace at the end of existing 'class' attribute. azachar
add Add CalendarSetter in Hibernate20Adapter and Hibernate20CalendarSetter in jdbc's adapters. azachar
fix Fixed bug Parent tag not found when you like to filter with an empty result. azachar
update Updated DefaultAdapterWrapper - now you can determine what to wrap (whole resultSet or column). azachar
update Updated ObjectWrapper interface (Add setValueListInfo method). Updated example files and docs for statement builder. azachar
update Updated support for generating vlh:paging's pages without bodyContent. azachar
add ImagesHomeDisplayHelper that allow you replace @IMAGES_HOME@ in message key with display's providers images home. azachar
update Updated ObjectValidator interface (Add setValueListInfo method). Add support for attributes in vlh:paging. azachar
add Added context path property to html dispaly provider that allow you to preappend path of your app to image's home! (Refactored HTML display providers.) azachar
add Added grouping support. See ( & aid=1116138 & gro up_id=109417 & atid=653425) mlavwilson
add Added the DefaultWrapperAdapter. That allows you to replace orignal ResultSet with the wrapped one. azachar
add Added the ObjectValidator interface in AbstractJdbcAdapter It allows you to do a filtering of ResultSet in JVM. azachar
fix Fixed unsynchronized list.size and info.totalNumberOfEntries when you create a new DefaultListBackedValueList(list); More information you can find at & forum_id=375420. azachar
add Added the ObjectValidator interface in Hibernate20Adapter. It allows you to do a filtering of ResultSet in JVM. azachar
update If a valueList is null it will be rendered as an empty table (with header if is desired). Never more it will throw an RuntimeException. azachar
add Added Setter(s) to the Hibernate20Adapter. This allows all fiters to be passed in as strings and converted to the desired types using Setter(s). mlavwilson
add Add sorting to Now alt of sorting image is localizated. Improved logging in Hiberante adapter. Updated overview and other minorities changes. azachar
add Add overview for the refresh button problem solution using the ValueListHandlerHelper. azachar
update Add more logger's debug info in tags root, rows, addParams, retrieve and helpers. azachar
add Add option to disable rendering of the header. azachar
add Add autotomatically wraping of List to the ValueList. azachar
fix Fixed rendering empty table while a valuelist is null . azachar
fix Fixed compilation problems under j2se 1.5.0, where is enum reserved word. azachar
add Add some doc in tld with examples. azachar
add Add i18n in the paging summary and also example of usage. azachar
fix Fixed bug with null pointer exception in the htmlDisplayProvider at example-inverted.jsp. azachar
fix Fixed bug with in null pointer exception in the class DefaultHeaderTag at jstl example. azachar
add Add the adapterProperty in < vlh:column adapterProperty="firstName" property="firstNameAsString" ... > azachar
fix Fixed bug with scope attribute in the vlh:root tag. ( mlavwilson
add Add removeEmptyStrings in hibernate adapter. If it is true, it allow you to remove string's keys such as "". azachar
add Add titlekey property in tag < vlh:checkbox titleKey="resources.yourTitlekey" ... > azachar
update Update some minorities changes in TestDataServlet and ScriptRunner. azachar
fix DynaBean column names are displayed in a human friendly manner. ( mlavwilson
fix Fixed bug vlh:paging error with StrutsDisplayHelper( & forum_id=375420) mlavwilson
fix Fixed corect localization in column format, also for instances of Calen dar. azachar
update Synchronizing changes in head with the local branch nd_azachar. azachar
add Added a new functionality such as focusing, emphasing, actions. Also has been add a new controler helper that help you make any custom actions and try make your grid persistentin the session scope. azachar
update Changes hsqlto hqlin documentation and api. (deprecated in the api, wil be removed before final 1.0 release) mlavwilson
update Cleaned up all xdocs. Many thanks! John Moore*
update IllegalArgumentException w/ outer joins - Sebastian Beigel*
add CSS styled DisplayProvider - & forum_id=375419 Sebastian Beigel*
update Updated all the Setter(s), see: mlavwilson
update Added excludeParameters. A pipe delimited list of parameters to exclude when encoding urls. Luciano Cunha*

Release 0.1.6 - 2004-09-29

add Added useNoWrap to the HtmlDisplayProvider. mlavwilson
add Added scope parameter to the root tag to allow the valuelist to be stored in a scope other than request. mlavwilson
add Added the ValueListAdapterCacheDecorator. mlavwilson
add Added the StringDotReplaceAllTextManipulator and support. mlavwilson
add Addition of the LiferayPortletLinkEncoder. mlavwilson
add Addition of the PortletLinkEncoder. mlavwilson
update Updated all the taglibs to use the LikeEncoder to generate all href(s). mlavwilson
add Added the LikeEncoder interface. This interface will allow the ValueList to be used in a portal environment. mlavwilson

Release 0.1.5 - 2004-08-11

add Added an example of using the valuelist in a struts environment. mlavwilson
add The introduction of the TextManipulator, which abstracts the actions that can malipulate queries before they are ran. mlavwilson
add New ValueListConfigBean setting: "classicLook", see standartJspApplicationContext.xml. mlavwilson
add New ValueListConfigBean setting: "simpleLook", see standartJspApplicationContext.xml. mlavwilson
add New ValueListConfigBean setting: "microsoftLook", see standartJspApplicationContext.xml. mlavwilson
fix Full support for i18n. mlavwilson
add A new tag vlh:checkbox that give tha ability to "Check All" and "Clear All". mlavwilson
update The file is no more and new file included in the jar named: sta ndardJspApplicationContext.xmlis used to configure the net.mlw.vlh.web.ValueListConfigBean. This bean is then referenced in the taglibs. mlavwilson
update Removed the package net.mlw.util.web. The classes now reside in the package net.mlw.vlh.web.taglib* mlavwilson
add The vlh:column now supports the "default" attribute. If this is not declared the default attribute defined in the spring config file will be used. If this is not declared "-" will be used. mlavwilson
update All the jsp taglibs now can be configured via Spring. mlavwilson
add The addition of the net.mlw.vlh.adapter.jdbc.util.ConfigurableStatementBuilderalong with the following setters: mlavwilson
add The addition of the net.mlw.vlh.adapter.jdbc.util.setter.StringArraySetter mlavwilson
add The addition of the net.mlw.vlh.adapter.jdbc.util.setter.DoubleArraySetter mlavwilson
add The addition of the net.mlw.vlh.adapter.jdbc.util.setter.DoubleSetter mlavwilson
add The addition of the net.mlw.vlh.adapter.jdbc.util.setter.IntegerArraySetter mlavwilson
add The addition of the net.mlw.vlh.adapter.jdbc.util.setter.IntegerSetter mlavwilson
add The addition of the net.mlw.vlh.adapter.jdbc.util.setter.TimestampSetter mlavwilson
update DefaultPagingTag now has a "Jump To Page" option. See # 995417 ( & aid=995417 & group_id=109417 & atid=653425) mlavwilson
add The addition of the DefaultSelectTag ( < vlh:select > ). Which displays a ValueList in the form of a select input. mlavwilson
update Added the statementBuilder property to the jdbc adapter. This allows for declarative handling of the parameter types. Now dates and indexed properties can be handled correctly. mlavwilson

Release 0.1.4 - 2004-07-19

add Completed support for multiple tables on one page. mlavwilson
fix Re-designed the export fuctionality to use the new ValueListConfigBean. mlavwilson
add Added a bean to allow Spring to configure the tags. I have added the following to the bean:
  1. DisplayProviders
fix filters of value "" are now treated as null. mlavwilson
fix default.dateFormat now has a default value: "EEE, MMM d, ''yy". mlavwilson
fix The vlh:root tag will now grab the ValueList from the pageContext by default. If does not find it there it will expect a vhl:retrieve child tag. mlavwilson

Release 0.1.3 - 2004-06-25

add Added the tutorial. mlavwilson
add Added the ValueListSpaceTag, which effect s all existing tags. mlavwilson
fix Indexed request properties where getting truncated when sorting was being used. mlavwilson

Release 0.1.2 - 2004-06-17

add Added support for paging and filtering using the FileAdapter. mlavwilson
add FilterListTagThe FilterListTag is useful for creating a list of letters or numbers (filters) that "break down" the valuelist. mlavwilson
add DefaultDynclassAdapterThis ValueListAdapter returns a ValueList of pojos, extends the AbstractJdbcAdapter. mlavwilson
update The DefaultDynaBeanAdapter ValueListAdapter now extends AbstractJdbcAdapter. I pulled out the reusable parts so inheritance and reuse would be possible. mlavwilson
fix The defaultNumberPerPage attribute on the DefaultDyna and Hibernate20Adapters were not being used. mlavwilson
fix The DefaultPaging tag was appending the page again... mlavwilson
add ValueListHandlerTilesAction: A basic implementation of a Tiles action. mlavwilson

Release 0.1.1 - 2004-05-14

add Hiber20Adapter.This ValueListAdapter returns a ValueList of pojos delegating the data access to Hibernate. mlavwilson
update Removed all factory methods.This will break your code if you are upgrading from a pre 1.1 version. Now Springis used to configure the service. mlavwilson
add Added the DefaultHeaderTag. The difference between this tag and the DefaultRowTag is that it does not iterate through the ValueList, it just displays the headers. This is useful if your table is very complex, or you want to control the iterating. mlavwilson
add Added the ValueListRequestUtil. mlavwilson
fix The setIncludeParameters method on the paging and row tags now support wildcards. For example "name*" would include all the request parameters that start with "name". mlavwilson
add Added the InvertedRowTag. mlavwilson
add Added the demo webapp to illustrate the tag libraries that integrate the ValueListHandler into the web enviroment. mlavwilson
add Added the sum attribute to the column tag. This attribute allows for the values in the given column to be summed and placed in the PageContext for future use. mlavwilson
add Added the retriever tag. This tag is used if the pull pattern is used over the push patter. mlavwilson
add Initial entry of the DefaultPagingTag. This tag is the default view component for the paging information and interaction. mlavwilson
fix Fixed the NullPointerException that was thrown when the ColumnTag attempted to render a null value. mlavwilson
add Initial entry of the DynAdapterValueListAdapter. This adapter enables a generic means to query a releation database. mlavwilson
add Added the AttributeTagwhich allows all attributes of the < tr/ > and < td/ > to be set. Now you can set attributes such as onclick for a row. mlavwilson

Release 0.1.0 - 2003-10-20

add Initial release. mlavwilson