Tutorial - Requirements

The following data warehouse schema is available:

  1. The report Player Stats will need to be developed.
    1. The following columns are needed.

      PlayerY (asc)The name of the player in the format of "{last}, {first}"
      TeamNThe name of the team the player currently plays for.
      GY (desc)The number of games played.
      PNThe position currently played.
      PassingYdsY (desc)Total number of passing yards.
      TDY (desc)Total number of touchdowns thrown.
      IntY (asc)Total number of interceptions thrown.
      RecptionsY (desc)Total number of passes completed.
      RushingYdsY (desc)Total rushing yards.
      TDY (desc)Total touchdowns by rushing.
      ReceivingRecY (desc)Total number of catches.
      YdsY (desc)Total number of yards gained by receptions.
      TDY (desc)Total number of touchdowns made by receptions.
      FumblesMadeY (asc)Total number of fumbles.
      LostY (asc)Total number of fumbles lost.
      ValueAvgY (desc)...
      TotalY (desc)...

    2. If the results are greater that 20 entries; page the results 20 per page.
    3. The following filtering criteria will be available.

      PlayerA wildcard search on the name of the player.
      PositionA dropdown of the positions.
      Season A dropdown of the start year.

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