Newbi Developers Guide

If you are new to the Java space, or you are a young developer, there are a lot of things that ae usually taken for granted. Below you will find my assumptions.

  1. Get the right tools.
  2. Get the right skills.

Get the right tools.

In order to run and build the application you will need to download and install the Java 2 Runtime Environment.

A good IDE is the developer's best friend.

  • Eclipse is the best free IDE available.

A good PLUGINS for eclipse that allows you not lose all adventages of eclipse hotreplace debuging and fast building..

  • Mevenide it helps you to work with the maven. It can easy synchronize your eclipse's classpath.
  • Tomcat launcher plugin it helps you to launch tomcat directly from eclipse.

You will need a container to run the ValueList samples in.

  • Apache Jakarta Tomcat is the best free servlet container available.

To build the ValueList project you will need Maven.

  • Apache Maven Project is the best free Java project management and project comprehension tool.

Get the right skills.

In order to utilize this tool I am assuming you know: